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After the success of our Buglife animation, we were approached again by Skylark Media to design and animate a video for the vegan charity Viva!

Viva Vegan Charity Animation

Viva wanted the animation to go viral and convey their message that eating meat has negative effects on the planet. Skylark came up with the idea of referencing the ‘This is Fine’ meme, and with the blessing of the original artist we got designing.

Viva Vegan Charity Animation
Viva Vegan Charity Animation

The Skylark Media team love working with the guys at Scribble Room and one of our collaborations has resulted in a Drum Roses gold award. They come up with great ideas and deliver on time and on budget, thanks Harry and Charlie!

Jo Haywood

Managing Director

Viva Vegan Charity Animation
Viva Vegan Charity Animation

The video got 328,000 views on YouTube and won Gold at The Drum Roses Creative Awards 2022

Viva Vegan Charity Animation


Design, storyboarding, animatic, direction, animation, compositing, edit.


1 x 1 minute animation. Delivered in both 16x9 and 1x1, 25fps, H.264 compressed .MP4 file.