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Buglife: B-Lines


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Skylark Media

Buglife is a UK-based nature conservation charity.

Working with Skylark Media, we created this animation, explaining B-Lines, Buglife's insect superhighways project that aims to restore wildflower-rich areas to our countryside.

Buglife campaign
Buglife campaign

For the design we decided to go with vector animation with a hand drawn aesthetic, to reflect the natural textures found in wildflower meadows.

Buglife campaign


Design, storyboarding, animatic, creative direction, art direction, animation, compositing, edit.


1 x 1:30 minute animation. Delivered in 1920x1080, 25fps, H.264 compressed .MP4 file. 4x 20 seconds animation for social media. Delivered in 1080x1080. H.264 compressed .MP4 files.