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My Little Pony - Tell Your Tales


Harry Slinger-Thompson



Working with our returning client E-One was great. They tasked us with bringing to life seven social media marketing videos for the new series My Little Pony: "Tell Your Tale" We spend a week storyboarding and producing animatics for these seven shorts. They needed to depict a fun transition from their beloved 3D characters to the new 2D series design. We came up with this quick and flash transition where the old 3D characters would begin to glow and then burst into sparkles reveling the new 2D counterparts.

The Client seem to really like this Idea and after approving our detailed animatics, we moved onto the rigging process. Luckily we were able to use the broadcast rigs from the series team out in Malaysia. However these rigs were not fully formed and needed some tweaking to get the desired animation out of them.

Once the rigs were amended we set to work on the key stage of animation the beautiful pose to pose style of My little Pony was on full display. We used reference material from early drafts of the animated series to make sure we were keeping to the style of the show.

After a brief round of feedback we finalized the animation and added FX were appropriate. the client seemed very happy with what Scribble Room produced. We really enjoyed this opportunity to work with such a beloved IP. And we felt we did it justice with the final output.

To tie all the animation together we finished by creating the animated Logo for the show. Adorned with rainbows and sparkle effects, in true My little Pony fashion. You can enjoy the final product on Netflix streaming now.


Storyboarding, Animatic, Rigging, Animation, Compositing, Direction, Logo Animation


7 x 20 second animated .Mov videos with Alpha channel