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Mrs Wordsmith

We partnered with Mrs. Wordsmith to produce an impressive 242 (yes, 242!) 30-second interstitial animations within a span of 14 months. This amounts to just over 2 hours of animated content. These animations feature in Mrs Wordsmith's game-based educational app, 'Readiculous,' designed to assist children in mastering reading skills through the proven method of systematic synthetic phonics.

Mrs. Wordsmith provided the storyboarding, character designs, background art, sound design, and music, while Scribble Room handled the rest. We implemented a comprehensive 2D animation pipeline using the Adobe Suite, which encompassed character rigging, animatics, animation, compositing, and editing.

The collaboration between our two teams brought 'Readiculous' to life, providing young learners with an exciting and educational experience.


Animatic, Rigging, Prop Building, Animation, Compositing, Edit, Production Management, Pipeline.


242 x 30 second animations. Delivered in 1920x1080, 24fps, H.264 compressed files.