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Dodo Animation Services


Jack Bennet (Wildseed Studios)


Wildseed Studios

We were approached by Wildseed to help out with some additional animation for the animated series Dodo, aired on Sky.

Dodo Animation Services

We also provided additional animation direction for some of the episodes.

Dodo Animation Services

We asked Scribble Room to help us out with some fixes on our show Dodo for Sky Kids and they were awesome, quick, creative and lovely to deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and we hope to work with them again very soon.

Miles Bullough

Managing Director

Dodo Animation Services
Dodo Animation Services

We are big fans of Jack Bennet's short film ‘Not the End of the World’, so we were excited to see it turned into a series and get to work with him.

Dodo Animation Services


Additional animation & additional animation direction.


Animated .fla files.